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Creating and Using Stickers in Procreate: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction to Stickers in Procreate

Stickers aren't just for physical notebooks and laptops anymore; they have also found a significant place in the digital art world. Procreate, a leading app for digital artists, allows users to create and implement stickers within their artwork, offering a fun and versatile way to add personality and flair. This guide will delve into how to create stickers in Procreate, customize them, and use them to enhance your digital projects.

Why Use Stickers in Procreate?

Digital stickers in Procreate can serve multiple purposes: they can be used as stand-alone design elements, incorporated into digital planners, or used to embellish photos and collages. They're also great for artists who want to sell their designs on platforms that cater to digital planners and bullet journals.

Creating Stickers in Procreate

Creating stickers in Procreate is a creative process that allows for endless customization. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Design Your Sticker: Open a new canvas and use Procreate's brush tools to design your sticker. You can create anything from cartoon characters to motivational quotes or icons.
  2. Outline and Color: Use a solid brush to outline your design and fill it in with color. Bright, bold colors often work best for stickers.
  3. Add Textures and Effects: Enhance your sticker with textures or special effects using Procreate's vast array of brushes and layer styles.
  4. Cut Out the Sticker: To give your sticker a traditional look, add a white border around it. You can use the selection tool to trace around your sticker, then expand the selection slightly and fill it with white to create the border.

Saving and Exporting Stickers

Once your stickers are created, you’ll want to save and possibly export them for various uses:

  • Saving for Personal Use: Keep your stickers organized by saving them directly within Procreate. You can store them in a specific album for easy access.
  • Exporting for Distribution: If you plan to share or sell your stickers, export them as PNG files with a transparent background. This format is perfect for maintaining the quality and usability of digital stickers across different platforms.

Tips for Using Stickers in Digital Art

Stickers can enhance any digital art project. Here are some creative ways to use them:

  • Personalize Digital Planners: Drag and drop stickers into digital planners to add charm and functionality.
  • Enhance Social Media Posts: Use stickers to make eye-catching social media content that stands out.
  • Decorate Photos: Apply stickers to photos to add whimsy or commentary before sharing them online.

Inspiration for Sticker Creations

Need ideas for your Procreate stickers? Consider the following:

  • Seasonal Themes: Create stickers for different holidays or seasons, like snowflakes for winter or pumpkins for autumn.
  • Daily Icons: Design stickers that can be used in daily planning, such as coffee cups, checkmarks, or weather icons.
  • Motivational Quotes: Combine beautiful typography with inspirational quotes to create stickers that motivate and uplift.


Stickers are a fantastic way to add extra personality to your digital creations in Procreate. Whether you’re decorating a digital journal, enhancing your artwork, or creating designs to sell, the process of making and using stickers is both rewarding and fun. Explore the possibilities with your unique style and see where your creativity takes you!

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