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Mastering Pixel Art in Procreate: A Guide to Using Free Pixel Brushes

Introduction to Pixel Art in Procreate

Pixel art, a nostalgic form reminiscent of early video games, has seen a resurgence in popularity in both game design and digital artwork. Procreate offers artists the tools to dive into this unique art style, blending the simplicity of pixel-based techniques with powerful modern digital art capabilities. Whether you're an experienced pixel artist or new to the genre, Procreate can facilitate the creation of intricate pixel designs. This post will explore how to get started with pixel art in Procreate and highlight some great sources for free pixel brushes.

Why Choose Procreate for Pixel Art?

Procreate simplifies the process of creating pixel art by offering a customizable and intuitive platform. With features that allow for precise control over every pixel, artists can easily design sprites, backgrounds, and full scenes. Additionally, Procreate's layering system and undo feature make it a forgiving medium for experimenting with pixel placement and color palettes.

Finding Free Pixel Brushes for Procreate

To create authentic pixel art, you'll need the right tools, namely pixel brushes that create sharp, clear pixels without any anti-aliasing. Luckily, the Procreate community is generous, with many artists creating and sharing their custom brushes. Free pixel brushes for Procreate can often be found on digital art forums, artist blogs, and through direct links shared on social media platforms. These brushes are specifically designed to replicate the pixelated effects necessary for this art style.

Tips for Creating Pixel Art in Procreate

Here are some tips to enhance your pixel art journey in Procreate:

  1. Select the Right Brushes: Download free pixel brushes for Procreate designed specifically for pixel art to ensure your artwork has the crisp, blocky look characteristic of this style.
  2. Use a Pixel Grid: Setting up a pixel grid can help guide your placement and ensure that each pixel is perfectly aligned. You can customize the grid feature in Procreate to match your desired pixel size.
  3. Zoom In for Detail: Pixel art requires working closely with your canvas. Don’t hesitate to zoom in to place each pixel meticulously. Procreate allows you to zoom in without losing clarity, which is crucial for pixel art.
  4. Experiment with Dithering: Dithering is a technique used in pixel art to create gradients and textures. Practice this technique to add depth and dimension to your art.
  5. Keep Colors Limited: Classic pixel art often features a limited color palette. Limiting your colors can help you maintain an authentic look and feel in your artwork.


Pixel art in Procreate is not only an engaging way to pay homage to the digital art of yesteryear but also a fantastic method to hone your artistic skills with a focus on precision and minimalism. By utilizing free pixel brushes and the powerful features of Procreate, artists can create detailed and expressive pixel art pieces. Whether you are creating game graphics or simply enjoying the aesthetic, Procreate gives you all the tools you need to succeed in pixel art.

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