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Creating and Enjoying Procreate Coloring Pages: A Guide to Digital Coloring Books

Introduction to Coloring with Procreate

Coloring isn't just for kids; it's a relaxing and creative pastime enjoyed by people of all ages. With Procreate, artists and hobbyists can create custom coloring pages or entire digital coloring books, offering a modern twist on this classic activity. This guide will walk you through the process of making coloring pages in Procreate, as well as tips for coloring them digitally, allowing you to unleash your creativity or simply unwind with a meditative art session.

Benefits of Digital Coloring

Procreate coloring pages offer several advantages over traditional paper coloring books:

  • Eco-Friendly: Digital coloring reduces paper waste, making it an environmentally friendly option.
  • Reusability: You can color the same page multiple times with different themes or color schemes without needing to print new copies.
  • Customization: Artists can easily modify designs, adjust lines, and experiment with color palettes, all within a single app.
  • Accessibility: With a tablet and stylus, you can enjoy coloring anywhere without carrying a physical book and crayons or pencils.

Creating Coloring Pages in Procreate

Designing your own coloring pages in Procreate can be both fulfilling and fun. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Design the Outline: Open a new canvas and sketch out your design. This could be anything from intricate mandalas to simple cartoon characters or nature scenes.
  2. Clean Up Lines: Once your sketch is complete, go over your lines with a fine-tipped ink brush to create clean, clear boundaries for coloring.
  3. Simplify and Flatten: Simplify your layers by merging them and ensure that the outline is set to a separate layer. This will make the coloring process smoother for yourself or others.
  4. Export and Share: Save your coloring page as a JPEG or PNG file. You can print it out, share it digitally, or incorporate it into a digital coloring book.

Tips for Coloring Digital Pages in Procreate

Once you have your coloring pages, using Procreate to color them offers a chance to explore a wide palette and various brushes:

  • Layer Your Work: Use layers to separate different colors or sections of your coloring page. This makes it easy to edit specific areas without disturbing completed parts.
  • Experiment with Brushes: Procreate offers a multitude of brushes that can mimic textures like crayons, markers, or watercolor paints. Experimenting with these can add a unique touch to your coloring pages.
  • Use Alpha Lock: To keep your coloring inside the lines, use the Alpha Lock feature on your outline layer. This prevents color from going outside the defined areas.
  • Play with Blending Modes: Enhance your coloring with blending modes to add shadows, highlights, or subtle texture effects, giving depth to your artwork.

Creating a Procreate Coloring Book

If you’re interested in compiling multiple pages into a digital coloring book, consider the following:

  • Consistent Theme: Keep a consistent theme or style across pages for a cohesive look, whether it’s a book of animal illustrations, floral designs, or abstract patterns.
  • Organize with Layers: Use Procreate’s powerful layer management to keep each page organized and accessible.
  • Interactive PDFs: For sharing, consider exporting your pages as an interactive PDF that can be digitally colored in PDF readers that support this feature.


Coloring pages created in Procreate offer a fantastic way to blend the therapeutic benefits of coloring with the versatility of digital art. Whether you're creating personal projects or sharing them with the community, digital coloring books can be a joyful, creative expression accessible right at your fingertips.

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