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Discovering the Magic of Procreate Color Palettes: Elevate Your Artwork

Introduction to Color Palettes in Procreate

Color plays a pivotal role in art, influencing mood, style, and overall perception. Procreate, a leading digital art application, offers a powerful feature known as color palettes that allows artists to organize and save their favorite color schemes for easy access. Whether you're a professional designer looking to maintain brand consistency or a hobbyist exploring different hues, understanding how to effectively use Procreate color palettes can greatly enhance your creative process. This guide will delve into how to create, manage, and utilize color palettes in Procreate.

Why Use Color Palettes in Procreate?

Using color palettes in Procreate not only streamlines your workflow but also helps in maintaining color consistency throughout your projects. They allow you to:

  • Save Time: Having pre-selected colors readily available saves time, especially on larger projects or when working under tight deadlines.
  • Enhance Cohesion: Using a consistent color palette can help unify your work, making it more cohesive and professional-looking.
  • Experiment Creatively: Easily swap out colors to experiment with different moods or themes without altering the underlying drawings.

Creating and Managing Color Palettes in Procreate

Creating a color palette in Procreate is straightforward and offers flexibility in management:

  1. Creating a New Palette: Tap on the color icon to open the Color Panel, select the Palettes tab, then tap the + symbol to create a new palette.
  2. Adding Colors: With your palette open, simply tap on any color in your artwork or use the color picker tool to add a new color to your palette.
  3. Organizing Palettes: You can rename, delete, or rearrange palettes by holding and dragging them within the Palettes menu. This makes it easy to keep your palettes organized according to project or preference.

Tips for Using Color Palettes in Procreate

To maximize the potential of color palettes in your digital artwork, consider the following tips:

  • Base Palettes on Real Images: Use the eyedropper tool to pick colors directly from a photograph or piece of art that inspires you. This can be a great way to create palettes that are naturally harmonious.
  • Use Complementary Colors: For dynamic and vibrant artwork, include complementary colors in your palettes. These are colors opposite each other on the color wheel.
  • Consider Color Theory: Understanding basic color theory can help you create more effective palettes. Think about how different colors interact and the emotions they evoke.
  • Customize for Different Themes: Create different palettes for different types of projects (e.g., warm tones for autumn scenes, cool tones for winter landscapes).

Inspirational Uses of Color Palettes

Procreate artists often use color palettes to:

  • Brand Designs: Keep brand colors consistent across all digital artwork for a business.
  • Character Design: Maintain consistent skin tones, hair colors, and outfit hues for character illustrations.
  • Mood Settings: Use color to set the atmosphere of a scene, whether it's a tranquil blue palette for a calm beach scene or a stark monochrome palette for a dramatic effect.


Mastering the use of color palettes in Procreate can transform the way you approach your digital artwork. By organizing and applying colors thoughtfully, you can ensure your art not only looks great but also communicates more effectively. Whether you’re illustrating, designing, or just exploring, color palettes are a crucial tool in your digital art toolkit.

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