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Creating Realistic Hair and Fur in Procreate: A Guide to the Best Brushes

Introduction to Hair and Fur Brushes in Procreate

Capturing the delicate texture of hair and fur in digital art can be challenging but rewarding. Procreate offers a diverse array of brushes specifically designed for this purpose, helping artists achieve lifelike textures in their portraits, character designs, and animal illustrations. Whether you're rendering the flowing locks of a fantasy heroine, the curly hair of a joyful child, or the fluffy fur of a beloved pet, using the right Procreate brushes can make all the difference. This guide explores the best brushes for hair and fur in Procreate, including specific tools for curly hair and fluff textures.

Why Use Specialized Brushes for Hair and Fur?

Using specialized brushes for hair and fur in Procreate allows artists to efficiently create realistic and stylized textures. These brushes are designed to mimic the natural flow and variance found in different types of hair and fur, offering:

  • Realism: Brushes that simulate the fine strands and volume of hair and fur help in achieving a more realistic appearance.
  • Variety: Different brushes can produce different types of hair and fur textures, from sleek, straight tresses to coarse, curly locks and fluffy coats.
  • Efficiency: Specialized brushes speed up the painting process, allowing artists to create complex textures with fewer strokes.

Types of Hair and Fur Brushes in Procreate

  1. Procreate Hair Brushes: These are tailored to create fine, detailed hair strands that are ideal for human hair and animal whiskers.
  2. Procreate Fur Brush: Designed to render the thicker, coarser texture of animal fur, these brushes are perfect for pets and wildlife art.
  3. Curly Hair Brush Procreate: Curly hair requires a unique approach due to its texture and volume, and these brushes help in accurately depicting spiral curls and waves.
  4. Fluff Brushes Procreate: Ideal for soft, fluffy textures, these brushes are excellent for small animals, fantasy creatures, or puffy clouds in backgrounds.

Tips for Using Hair and Fur Brushes in Procreate

To get the most out of your hair and fur brushes, consider the following tips:

  • Layering: Build up hair and fur in layers, starting with broad, general strokes for the undercoat and adding finer details and highlights on top layers.
  • Directional Strokes: Always brush in the direction of hair or fur growth to maintain a natural look. This is crucial for achieving realistic results.
  • Color Variations: Use multiple shades to add depth and dimension to hair and fur. Even monochrome fur, like that of a black cat, can benefit from subtle blue or grey tones to enhance its texture.
  • Pressure Sensitivity: Utilize the pressure sensitivity of your stylus to vary the thickness and opacity of strokes, which can help in creating dynamic, lifelike textures.

Finding the Best Procreate Brushes for Hair and Fur

While Procreate comes with some default brushes that can be used for hair and fur, there are many more available through various channels:

  • Procreate’s Official Marketplace: Check for brush packs dedicated to hair and fur textures.
  • Online Communities: Platforms like Gumroad, Etsy, and Creative Market feature independent artists who create and sell custom Procreate brush sets.
  • Social Media: Many digital artists share their custom brushes on platforms like Instagram or Twitter. Following hashtags related to Procreate brushes can lead you to free or purchasable downloads.


With the right set of brushes, creating hair and fur in Procreate not only becomes easier but also more enjoyable. Whether you are a beginner looking to experiment or a professional refining your style, Procreate’s vast assortment of hair and fur brushes provides the tools you need to bring your artistic visions to life.

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