Rococo License and User Agreement

Last Updated: 18th April 2024

What's Allowed:

1. Ownership and Usage of Your Artworks: All artworks you create using the tools downloaded from the "Rococo" app or website are entirely yours! Feel free to use them for personal and commercial purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Printing
  • Selling on stock platforms
  • Merchandising
  • Digital distribution
  • Promotions, and any other avenues you can think of!

2. Giving Credit to "Rococo": While attributing "Rococo" is entirely optional when showcasing your creations, doing so is always appreciated. Every mention supports and fuels the growth of our dedicated community of artists and enthusiasts. Your acknowledgment, in any form, truly makes a difference.

3. Families That Create Together: We're thrilled when multiple artists reside within one family, and we fully support sharing our tools among close ones. That's why, if you have our Premium Access, we've enabled "Family Sharing" for all our paid subscriptions. This feature allows the distribution of in-app purchases among family members without sharing your Apple ID, letting up to five family members enjoy the benefits of a single subscription.

What's Not Allowed:

4. Redistribution and Resale: Brushes and tools (both free and premium) downloaded from the "Rococo" app or website are not to be resold, distributed freely, rented out, licensed, sublicensed, or in any way made available to third parties.

5. No Uploading Elsewhere: It's prohibited to post our brushes and tools, either separately or as part of a collection, on any:

  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Forums
  • Social media groups
  • File-sharing platforms
  • Cloud storages
  • Or any other platforms where third parties can access them, either for free or for a fee.

6. AI and Machine Learning: Our brushes and tools are not meant for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. Please respect this boundary.

7. Respect Third-party Rights: Do not use materials from our app or website in a manner that infringes upon third-party copyrights, trademarks, logos, images, and the like.

8. Originality Over Copying: Direct copying of our app or website materials, logo, images, brush previews, tools, and the overall app or website concept for producing competitive products or any other reasons is strictly forbidden. Always remember: true innovation is about inspiring, not replicating.

9. Specifics on Brushes: Do not replicate the settings, shape, or grain of our brushes. These details are proprietary and make our tools unique.

By using the "Rococo" app or website you agree to the above terms

May our tools empower your creativity, but always remember:true art thrives on originality and respect.